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We Enable, Educate and Empower your team to provide high quality patient care.

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Imagine a surgical specialist assisting you with your first ACL repair, cholecystectomy, lung lobectomy, tumor removal or any particularly challenging surgical case. Imagine mentoring New Grads in their surgical procedures, allowing them to gain valuable confidence. Imagine the Pet Parent meeting the referral Surgeon, prior to referral, and discussing all aspects of surgical choices, costs and outcomes. How powerful to have a face with a name, before the trip to the Specialty practice.

Aliquis Telepresence offers a game changing approach to support every aspect of the process and procedures within the Dental suite. Training your Nurse team to acquire proper dental radiographs, assisting and training the Doctor team on interpreting dental rads, reaching out to a Remote Dental Specialist for an consultation DURING the dental procedure to evaluate proper steps for management. Training and supporting the Anesthesia team in your hospital.

Aliquis Telepresence enables your veterinary team to obtain the training and support you need to confidently use ultrasound. There is no more important diagnostic tool than ultrasound when used correctly in your hospital/clinic. Global FAST scans, Abdominal, Echocardiology and MSK ultrasound. Aliquis allows this to be an opportunity for virtually ANY ultrasound equipment.

As one of the more frustrating chronic conditions for pet owners, Aliquis Telepresence can help your staff and Pet Parents better understand and manage their pet’s condition. Having the remote Dermatologist involved with the consultation, earlier than later, can offer the recommendations needed to improve patient outcomes.

Veterinarians as well as pet parents are very sensitive to concerns related to the eye/vision of their pets. Recommending that the Ophthalmologist get involved with the patient evaluation, earlier than later, provides recommendations that often improve patient outcomes. Post-Operative follow-up and chronic ocular management can be value added benefits of easy access to a Specialist.

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Enable remote, real-time assistance for education, training and specialist consultations (Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Sports Medicine, Dermatology, Oncology, etc.) for veterinary staff and doctors.

Telepresence or “assisted reality” provides a unique visual perspective that creates a more productive clinical support session. Aliquis Telepresence can significantly increase the confidence of a practicing vet and the success of a remote Specialist who is training or supporting a particular need. Technology solutions are only effective if both sides of the experience (Veterinarian side and Consultant or Trainer side) are confident in the outcome. We feel we have solved current challenges around enabling remote, real-time Telepresence workflows.

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